About Us

At PureForm Golf we give golfers of all levels the Tour Pro Advantage.
Utilising the latest in technology such as trackman, advanced fitting software and high speed cameras we can accurately measure your current equipment and then find the best combination from our 30,000 fitting options, to improve your performance.
At PureForm Golf we aim to lower your scores and make the game of golf more enjoyable for you, no matter what your age or ability a custom built set of golf clubs with PureForm Golf will improve your game. If you’re interested in lowering your golf scores and improving your game then contact us today.
Our custom fitters are always happy to answer any of your questions.

Our Principles


  • We fit all Major Brands with over 30,000 Head and Shaft combinations. We fit you to the combinations that is optimal for your swing. The numbers don’t lie so you will leave knowing that the clubs we fit you too are perfect for your swing. It’s that simple!


  • We invite all PureForm players to come back in for a complimentary 30 Min. Dial In Session after you receive your clubs. We will send you a report with all your yardages and how your clubs are performing!


  • We want all our customers to feel limitless on the Golf Course. By becoming a customer of PureForm, we give you the opportunity to make this happen!

Our Brands

Our Team

Paul Jenner


Paul is Pure Form’s co-founder and the Global Director of Club Fitting and Building. Paul was a talented junior golfer in Australia with over 30 junior and amateur tournament wins between 1991- 1997. Paul is now regarded as one of the leading PGA Professionals in the world as club fitter.. Paul is one of the only qualified PGA Professionals in Australia that offers ‘tour quality’ fittings and “tour quality” club building, to match individual golfers at all levels. In his career, Paul has over 18 years experience as a PGA professional competing in professional tournaments, coaching, club fitting and club building.

Paul has many years experience fitting not only amateur golfers but also a number of professional tour players and sports celebrities. Paul Jenner brings his lifelong experience to PureForm. Paul is committed offering golfers of all levels “The Tour Pro Advantage”.